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Thaco 002 Addict 018-Doormouse/Abelcain Split Intellectual Violence 002 Comp EP The Garden EP
Pantheon of Fiends (Zhark LP 004) Shapeshifter Remixes (Zhark LP) Abelcain/CDatakill split EP(Low Res 011) Abelcain/CDatakill split EP(Zhark)
Ye Olde Barn Compilation CD (Addict) LowRes 002 Addict Records 004 LowRes 006
LowRes 005 WTW Compilation CD(Addict Records) Reflux Records 1219 Angelfriction
Abelcain: Still Life CD Psonic Pfist Phuck CD Abelcain: Skinny Puppy Rmxs Vol.I Abelcain: The Inferno Vol.I Canto I-VIII
Abelcain: The Inferno Vol.II Canto IX-XVII Crippled Children 001 Abelcain CD Addict Records 002
Synthetik Records 001 No Room For Talent/In Broken Key Rmxs Hive Records/Prometheus Burning Rmxs Exquisite Corpse Compilation
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