ReGen Magazine Review of Pantheon of Fiends

ReGen Magazine Review of The Garden

Brainwashed Review of Pantheon of Fiends

Record Labels

Zhark International . Addict Records . Low Res Records . Rhinoplex

Thac0 . C8 . . No Room for Talent Records . Hive

Intellectual Violence . Girl Cum . Praxis . Subversion . Noize Tek Records

Datacide (zine)

US Distributor

Wrecked Distribution . Systemic Audio . Soleilmoon

European Distributor

Toolbox Distribution (France) . Praxis Shop (Switzerland/Germany)

Digi/tal:Net (Germany) . Soundbase Distribution (Germany)

Ant-Zen (Germany) . A Musik (Germany) . Possible Music (Germany)

Target/Soundcontrol (Germany) . Lowlands Distro (Belgium)

Timeless Network (Belgium)


Renoise Tracker

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